April 2nd 2012 Lecture/Reading
Time 3:30 pm
Campus AC
Location Merrill Science Center, Room 4
Title Biology Seminar
Dr. John Stanton-Geddes is a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Plant Biology at the University of Minnesota.
His talk is titled “Genes in Ecology, Ecology in Genes: Species Range Limits and Genomics of a Mutualism.”
Research Summary: Understanding the genetic basis for phenotypic variation and the consequences of this variation is a fundamental goal of evolutionary ecology research. In this seminar, Dr. Stanton-Geddes will discuss two separate projects that address this goal. First, he will present his doctoral research on the evolution of geographic range limits in a native annual legume. Second, he will discuss his current postdoctoral research to characterize the genetic basis of an ecologically and agronomically important mutualism – biotic nitrogen fixation by rhizobia in the roots of legumes. This is one of the first genome projects with whole genome sequence data for over 200 genotypes, greatly improving the resolution of our association mapping. Together, these research projects demonstrate how both organismal and genomic studies can further our understanding of ecology and evolution, and the many paths available to a wandering Amherst grad.

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