March 7th 2012 Lecture/Reading
Time 4:00 pm
Campus UM
Location Massachusetts Room, Mullin Center
Title Stress, Puberty, & Mental Health- Remodeling of the Brain's Response to Hormones
The campus community is invited to attend the third 2011-2012
Distinguished Faculty Lecture on Wednesday, March 7th, at 4 pm in the
Massachusetts Room, Mullins Center.

Professor Jeffrey Blaustein from the Department of Psychology and
Neuroscience and Behavior Program will present "Stress, Puberty, &
Mental Health- Remodeling of the Brain's Response to Hormones." This
lecture is free and open to the public and a reception will immediately
follow the talk. Professor Blaustein will receive the Chancellor's
Medal, the highest honor bestowed to faculty by the campus.

Professor Blaustein is a pioneer in behavioral neuroendocrinology ? the
study of how hormones act on the nervous system to influence behavior
and mental health. He discovered in animal models that, while hormones
influence cells of the brain by acting on hormone-specific receptors,
and consequently behavior, receptors for the hormones can also be
regulated by stress and stimulation from the surrounding environment.
Stress encountered during puberty in mice, for example, actually
remodels the brain, permanently altering its response to ovarian
hormones. These findings, although made in mice, have great promise to
help us understand mental health as an entire complex of interactions
between hormones, the environment, and the nervous system.

Additional information about the 2011-2012 Distinguished Faculty Lecture
Series is available at http://www.umass.edu/umhome/facultylectures/

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