15th August 2009

Kindergarten Artwork
Students in EDC 231, Foundations and Issues of Early Childhood Education, taught by Susan Etheredge, explored how young children think and learn. They examined the teaching/learning relationship in the early childhood classroom using the Lyman Conservatory as a laboratory. In the investigation of leaves and bulbs, students used inquiry-based teaching with kindergarteners of the Campus School. Together they engaged in a collaborative inquiry through observing, collecting data, sketching, photographing, generating metaphoric language, and learning scientific language to describe the leaves, reading and writing poetry, keeping journals and notebooks, and contributing to a small exhibition at the Plant House on their inquiry and study. Through October 9, 2009.

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Botanical Architecture: ARS285 Student Projects
Students in Smith College's Introduction to Architecture: Language and Craft studio (ARS285), taught by Jim Middlebrook, were asked to reinterpret the spatial language of flowers. Each student chose a flower from the Botanic Garden. She photographed this flower and analyzed its spatial character in terms of certain organizational principles. The student built a model to abstractly re-present the flower according to this visual ?language.? Finally, these forms were appropriated by the student in the design of a theoretical pavilion for the display of flowers next to Paradise Pond. On display in the Church Exhibition Gallery are the photos, models, and pavilion designs. More information is online: http://www.smith.edu/gardens/exhibits/exhibitions.html

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